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Sushi Glasgow

Japanese cuisine is the world most recognized culinary process of the most meticulous oriental cuisine, which also creates a Japanese cuisine exquisite and healthy diet concept, using natural ingredient is the main spirit of Japanese cuisine. Newly opened esushi Japanese restaurant in Glasgow�s trendy west end (130-132 Byers Road) exactly follows these healthy, natural, happy, delicious ideas.

Traditional Oriental Restaurant

The restaurant's beautiful traditional oriental layout with modern twist has created a calming oasis in the busy city. esushi's highly experienced chefs follow the idea of original food without any food additives and less greasy, using the freshest ingredients and the best cooking methods to make the perfect food for everyone. Esushi welcome you all. We know good food brings people together. Here at eshushi we are passionate about cooking up great quality food at great prices.

Japanese Cuisine


Sticky, short-grained rice is the staple food in Japan. Uncooked rice is called kome. The cultivation of rice in paddy fields traditionally required great cooperation between villagers and this is said to have been central to the evolution of Japanese culture.

sushi glasgow
Seafood & Meat

Japanese people consume a lot more fish and this is said to be a major factor in the country's relatively low rate of heart disease. Seafood is eaten in just about any form you can imagine, from raw sushi and sashimi to grilled sweet fish and clams.


Udon noodles are made from wheat flour. They are boiled and served in a broth, usually hot but occasionally cold in summer, and topped with ingredients such as a raw egg to make tsukimi udon, and deep-fried tofu aburaage to make kitsune udon.

Soy Products

The humble soybean (daizu) is used to make a wide variety of foods and flavourings. Soybeans and rice are used to make miso, a paste used for flavouring soup and marinating fish. Together with soy sauce (shoyu), miso is a foundation of Japanese cuisine.

sushi glasgow

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Best Japanese food I have had for a long time. The food is served extremely quickly and very very tasty. The staff are friendly and efficient. Had to come back two nights in a row to try out the tempting dishes on the menu. Will come back next time we visit Glasgow

David Tran

crab salad and sashimi salad are super good, temaki sushi is the second good food. But the main food is normal which don't give us surprise

Yu Guo

Great place, authentic Japanese food. Great selection, tasty as. Great staff, not to be missed.

Elaine S